UA: I'm in!

Saturday night I blogged about the counting down to end of the impatient waiting of the latest months to know if I would gather University and if so to where would I. University of Aveiro (UA) was my first option and I made it!
I'm happy, but not fully happy though... My mate didn't gather UA so he gathered University of Coimbra (UC) which is about 60km from Aveiro. Not bad at all.

Yesterday I went to Aveiro to search for a room to rent but no rooms near to UA and/or without the needed conditions to live in. Today, I went back again to UA to make me as an official student, explored the campus and looked again for a room to rent. I had much luck because I met also two new students who were looking for a room to live in too. We all joint together and walked through the city. At the end of the day we discovered a nice flat near UA (north entrance) and liked it. Therefore we accepted the terms of the flat owner and agreed to stay there for, at least, this upcoming university year. Also, we met there a person who will be my colleague (same course) and lives next door from ours - yeah!

As I said, I can't say I'm entirely happy due to the non gathering of my (best) friend at the same university as mine, but at least I hopefully met student people and they seems to be good people so that's a nice step forward.

This week I will be preparing and packaging stuff to carry on into my new home where I will live for the next 5 years.

Tic Tac Tic Tac... less than 2h left!

Within less than 2 hours I will know to where will live for the next 5 years! Of course I'm talking about university life...

My first option was Computers and Telematics Engineering at University of Aveiro (UA), and the second was Computers Engineering at University of Coimbra (UC).
I really hope I have the chance to gather University of Aveiro. It has an awesome Linux group - Grupo Linux da Universidade de Aveiro (GLUA), a large campus, well know professors. Although, it is a bit far from my home, so I will have to rent a house/room and get used to it completely in a few days with no dads around to make my meal, clean my own stuff, etc :-P

Nevertheless, it's probably I gather the same university and the same course with a friend of mine so things become easier than gather without know anyone.

UA campus

Tic tac, tic tac...!!!!