Linux 2008

Caixa Mágica and Sysbase for the 6th consecutive year are preparing Linux 2008, a National Open Technology Meeting event at the Auditório da Lispólis, Pólo Tecnológio de Lisboa, Telheiras, Portugal, coming up in 15 April.

Among many talks, "Linux in the low cost PC market" by Mandriva CEO François Bancilhnon, and "Debate: Definition of Open Standards and of Interoperability" by many known Portuguese and international people, including Manager Novell Portugal João Batista, would be personally the top moments of the day.

Also, there will be a short presentation about the recent decision that PSA Peugeot Citroën made for have choose SUSE Linux Enterprise for its desktop and server machines - 20,000 desktops plus 2,500 servers.

Unfortunately I will have to miss Linux 2008 due to an exam that I have to do (damn Maths!) ...