Quickie: fglrx corrupting lower right corner

Yesterday I kinda was forced to install the proprietary ATI drivers (ATI Mobility Radeon X600 on my laptop ) for 3D support reasons.
Installed the drivers smoothly, but after restarting X and after a few seconds using the laptop some "glitches" appeared on the lower right corner of my display. Even taking a screenshot it doesn't appear in it.

In the release notes ATI/AMD says: "Corruption may be noticed in the lower right corner of the display after the system is running for a long period of time". This might be true in some situations although my laptop wasn't running for that long...
Digging a bit with Google's help I found an useful tip - adding Option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps" "true" (Section Device) in xorg.conf fixes the fglrx bug.

As expected this bug not only affects openSUSE as it affects all Linux distributions, and can be found in the current version (8.443) and version 8.404, at least. I hope this bug gets fixed as fast as possible pushing a new ATI drivers release version out.

People of openSUSE voting system

Hi Planet SUSE!
My name is Carlos Gonçalves and I've just been added to the planet, and would like to kick off requesting your attention for a moment, if possible :-)

The 'People of openSUSE' is a project which aims to let the people behind openSUSE become more visible to each other. Therefore we publish every week an interview at openSUSE News of someone from the openSUSE community or Novell working on the distribution, alternating between them.

Getting all this work done every single week isn't as simple as it might seems to be - we need to choose who will we interview, mail the person requesting him/her interview, parse the answers checking if everything is fine, and finally import it to openSUSE News making it readable, if nothing goes wrong...

To let all the community/openSUSE News readers happier with these interviews, we would like to know who should be in your opinion the next person being interviewed by us. Taking that in consideration, Stephan 'Beineri' Binner created an election page on the openSUSE wiki for that propose - voting on who should be the lucky one.
Thus, please vote and in case the person isn't listed yet, add him/her to the election list and here providing some info about him/herself.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

A new openSUSE policy?

openSUSE 10.3 have been released on 4 October with tremendously lots of new and improved features, and since then many offers have been given for free to the people who helped the openSUSE team creating a better distribution.

To name a few:
  • Translators have got an openSUSE 10.3 retail box and an openSUSE t-shirt;
  • Packagers, those who joint the Packaging Day, got openSUSE t-shirts, baseball-hats, and even tuxs.

In my opinion this is an awesome openSUSE/Novell initiative to raise up some (healthy) competition between the people already involved on the project and people who never thought that contributing to an open source project could have had any returns for helping the project itself.

Even though if you don't know how to package or translate openSUSE into your language, or even if you don't want to do these things you can do something you like/want to help the project - eg: promoting openSUSE (events, blogging, LPIs), bug reporting, helping people on web forums, and IRC, writing articles on the openSUSE wiki, etc...

As always, Novell and the openSUSE team will give you full support, providing you anything you need to execute your volunteering task - at least, they did it for me ;-)