Calling for Portuguese translators

In an email discussion I had with António Cardoso Martins, the openSUSE i18n-pt coordinator, he told me he is now alone with the openSUSE distribution translations which is truly sad (don't know the reasons why the other 2 translators gave up...)!
Since I can't help with the translations due to the required time that the wiki needs I'm calling everybody who would like to join António to quickly conquer the 1st position in the ranking, which now we are at the 5th position (not bad!), in order to have completely translated the next stable openSUSE release.

The translation process is quite simple - you only need to have a translation tool like KBabel (kdesdk3-translate RPM) and the .po files (the files to translate).
So if you want to begin, first fetch the .po files:
  • $ svn checkout
  • $ svn checkout
(subversion RPM package is also required for this step).

Open the files that needed to be translated with KBabel and you're now ready to start!
Please, drop an email at the opensuse-pt mailing list (to this address email) saying you have started it. Later the translated files should be sent to me or to António therefore commit them to the svn server.

I would like to thanks António Martins for didn't quit. We really need!! :-)
Also, António confirmed as he will attended the openSUSE-pt meeting.
I have decided to organize the first openSUSE-pt meeting with the rest of the openSUSE-pt board members.

The meeting is an opportunity to all of us to meet each other in a non-formal event. For that day [1] we chose Caldas da Rainha, Leiria city to be the spot because it's located in the middle of our small country.
To mark the meeting as an informal meeting we will lunch in a restaurant (to be decided which is) and then get a walk at Parque D. Carlos I (hey... it has free wireless connection as far as I know!).

Some topics that I would like to be discussed during this day:
  • openSUSE 10.3 - the news (improvements, openSUSE Education, etc)
  • The openSUSE i18n-pt status
  • The wiki status (we need people willing to help us!)
  • How to promote this great Linux/GNU distribution (at least in Portugal)
  • More mirrors (kind of promo related)
  • ...

We also thought that would be great if we could be in live with the Brazilian people that obviously can't attend the meeting but are part of the community too using a webcam and microphone - to be planned.

So that's it! Anyone whether he or she is an openSUSE/Linux user can join us (don't be shy and come up!)

[1] We haven't schedule a date yet but we think the best date is in the end of August/begin of September because until then people like to take their holidays with their own family, so the end of the Summer could be the best date to schedule it.
And finally this is my first blog post in my entirely miserable life...

My goals with this blog is to provide some information about what I'm doing (or what I'm not doing!), share my experiences and set you up-to-date with the newest OSS news (openSUSE and KDE mainly, guess why?!).
Ok, for those who didn't got what I said above I will try to specify a little more. Well, I'm an openSUSE & KDE fan using them since some years ago. As so, I became a member of the Portuguese openSUSE community and also became the coordinator.

More informations about me can be found at my personal website (under *slow* construction, yet).

P.S.: Btw, I decided to post all my blog posts in English (even know it isn't pretty good) because I believe this way everybody can understand what I'm trying to spread out. Please, any corrections to my English skills are extremely welcome!