Another opensuse-i18n-pt calling!

Don't worry, I won't bother you again with a calling for help with the openSUSE distribution translations...

I said in a blog post some time ago I had no time to help on it but I realized that António really needed a hand with the translations so I joined him (again). In just one/two weeks we have translated all untranslated strings and the fuzzy ones, so we are *almost* done! Even with 100% translated I'm saying *almost* because we have the last step to do - we now need people willing to test our translations in a proofreading way. How to do that? Well, for your lucky you only have to install the latest openSUSE 10.3 version and go to YaST -> System -> Language and setup the system to Portuguese (Portugal, of course), in case you don't have it already (YaST will automatically download some Portuguese localization packages).
After that, just do some clicks here, some clicks over there, reading every text looking for some translation mistakes - orthography, grammatic, out-of-context text, etc, etc.. To report the mistakes or simply for suggesting something to add/delete/modify you can contact me/António directly or evenvia opensuse-pt mailing list, IRC or forum. We are totally open to listen you! Bug us as much as you want ;-)

Keep in mind: 100% translated doesn't mean good quality translations! Move your ass and help us :-P

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