Now that's what I'm talking about!

Reading the latest Aaron Seigo's blog post I completely froze, for good!
To quote him:
i've got OpenSuse 10.3 on the new machine and i have to say that i'm more than pleased with it. i was afraid i'd miss apt-get ... but zypper rocks.
the rpm search through community contributions is yet another really great thing that has happened during my hiatus from suseland; really nice to see and something i'm sure to use again in the future...

after seeing 10.3 i was impressed enough to try it out again; i'm a little tired of the *buntu world these days and unhappy with some of their decisions. didn't help that on my last upgrade of my laptop, it rendered my system unusable due to a screw up in their evms packaging; this was doubly "humorous" as the system wasn't using evms at all. it was just installed and that was enough. this isn't the first time such a catastrophic update has come down those apt-get pipes
so it's just in time for me that OpenSuse starts to look like its back on the rails again. there were even kde4 packages available as an option in the installer =)

I must say: welcome back aseigo!

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Anonymous said...

As a person who has recently switched to openSUSE as my primary desktop I've been plugging into the suse community...and I'm surprised that there seems to be a thread among some that bad-for-*buntu=good-for-openSUSE

As if when someone has a complaint with *buntu/Canonical and switches to something else that is some sort of victory... That it's a good thing people have had bad experiences with another linux distro.

Now I don't know if that is what you are implying with the extended last quote...but if it is, that's pretty unfortunate. All the distros share the same upstream and have similar goals, completely or partially.

Carlos Gonçalves said...

Refilwe, what I meant was that I'm happy for aseigo, as he was an old openSUSE user that switched to Kubuntu, and now switched again to openSUSE - some flaws that openSUSE had and that aseigo didn't like at all were fixed on openSUSE 10.3, the main reason why he switched again.

Just like you said, all Linux distributions share the same goals and purpose. The thing is that some do it better than others.

Anonymous said...

I understand, fair enough.

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