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As announced on openSUSE News, ENOS 2008 took place this Saturday, September 6th at ISEP, Porto, Portugal. The event started at 10:00 am (local time) and during 1h:30m people had the opportunity to meet each other in a non formal environment, and at the same time I gave away openSUSE t-shirts, caps, lots of stickers and PromoDVDs (thanks Novell, specially to Martin Lasarsch!) to them. At 11:30 we started the two scheduled morning presentations:
  • "The openSUSE 11.0 News" (Carlos Gonçalves, PDF) - as the name says, I presented the news of openSUSE 11.0, but also took the opportunity to do an overview of the openSUSE project since many of the attendance wasn't openSUSE users, and at the end random slides including information on how to get involved, how to communicate, openSUSE 11.1 roadmap, etc.

  • "Migrating from Windows to Linux" (Lívio Cipriano, PDF) - a great talk by Lívio on how to migrate from Windows to Linux with good points of view and tips to easily migrate even in enterprises environments, eg: start using cross-platform software such as OpenOffice.org, Firefox, and Thunderbird and later migrate to Linux - users won't notice much difference indeed.
At 13:00 we headed to a shopping nearby to lunch and continue the informal conversation we were having before. Hot topics: openSUSE, Ubuntu, KDE, GNOME, Novell, community. Back from lunch, we had scheduled interesting and full afternoon talks:
  • "YaST - a programming platform. PackgeKit and PolicyKit" (Ricardo Cruz) - it was mainly a technical talk about YaST. Ricardo showed us how simply is to create a "Hello World!" windows, buttons and some widgets. He also introduced PackageKit and PolicyKit.

  • "Oxygen, a pillar of KDE4" (Nuno Pinheiro, PDF) - Pinheiro's main goal with this presentation was to demonstrate that Oxygen is not a KDE icons theme, but rather much more stuff than that.
(Coffee Break, free cookies!)
  • "Qtractor, an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer" (Rui Capela, PDF) - Linux Audio hacker on his spare time Rui spoke about his audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer Qtractor application, gave audio demos using it, and highlighted some Linux Kernel Real Time 2.6.{26,27} issues as for example the time lag problem kernel-rt is facing at the moment.

  • "Mono - introducing Mono and its features" (Andreia Gaita) - what can I say... awesome talk! Andreia presented Mono and MonoLight, what made them, developers, develop such technology, what we can do with it, etc. This talk was indeed one of the reasons to people have attended ENOS 2008.
After these talks we went into several discussions while some participants were doing the LPI exams and raffled (no money involved obviously) the biggest Tux I had ever seen sent kindly by Novell. Later around 19:15 many said goodbye and drove back home and a few others stayed for a bit longer where we moved to a restaurant to have dinner.


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ENOS 2009:

ENOS 2009 already has place, Castelo Branco, and it will be organized by Associação de Informática de Castelo Branco. Anyone interested in helping us is highly welcome. I hope see you next year! ;-)

The Community:

Big thanks to Porto Linux, ISEP, and Novell for the support!

Thanks to all attendees for participating!

P.S.: there are two presentation PDFs missing. I will add them as soon as possible.

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