Introduction - first blog post

And finally this is my first blog post in my entirely miserable life...

My goals with this blog is to provide some information about what I'm doing (or what I'm not doing!), share my experiences and set you up-to-date with the newest OSS news (openSUSE and KDE mainly, guess why?!).
Ok, for those who didn't got what I said above I will try to specify a little more. Well, I'm an openSUSE & KDE fan using them since some years ago. As so, I became a member of the Portuguese openSUSE community and also became the coordinator.

More informations about me can be found at my personal website (under *slow* construction, yet).

P.S.: Btw, I decided to post all my blog posts in English (even know it isn't pretty good) because I believe this way everybody can understand what I'm trying to spread out. Please, any corrections to my English skills are extremely welcome!

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